About Us

We run a small family business with traditions, known on the market for over 40 years. During this
time we have managed to expand our operations to European markets. We owe our success to
passion, hard work and perfect ingredients of the highest quality we use to manufacture our
products. The founder and owner of the Nikomag company, Miroslaw Nikodem is a certified
confectioner. Like most children he loved sweets, but he did not stop at this point, he decided to
study in this field and under the supervision of the master he learned the secrets of the unique
ingredient which is sugar. Enriched with a solid scientific basis in the early seventies, he opened his
first small studio, which over the years has grown into a large plant, having its own transport, serving
both the Polish and foreign markets. Today, after almost half a century, Nikomag still remains a
family business, putting on the highest quality products made according to the original recipes.
Modern confectionery equipment and machines help us achieve this perfect effect. Our sweet
caramels consist of natural ingredients, we offer a wide range of flavors, different sizes and great

In this case, there is no exaggeration in the well-known saying that they simply „melt in Your mouth”.

See for Yourself!

We invite You to get familiar with our sweet offer.

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Street 11 Listopada 36

05-410 Józefów k/Warszawy

Tel./fax +48 (22) 789 32 58



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